What is Direct.Expert?

Direct.Expert is an online, real-time system that will aid users in the booking of medico-legal appointments. Direct.Expert helps to offer Medco Registered Medical Experts availability to Solicitors. Use of Direct.Expert will save you considerable time from administrative tasks.

Medical Experts are in high demand for medico-legal work and the use of Direct.Expert can help reduce the hassle of using a middle man. Hence, allowing both solicitors and medical experts to fully utilise their availability.

How it works?

All Medco Registered Experts can sign up with Direct.Expert and allow Solicitors to look through their diaries. Solicitors can look at Expert diaries before instructing them through Medco.

If you’re a solicitor, you will be provided with options of Medical Experts on the Medco Website to choose from. However, it can be a problem when you chose an expert that is not available in your client’s area or at your client’s availability. Direct.Expert allows you to access the diaries of Medical Experts before you choose one. Therefore, allowing a faster and more efficient service and better convenience for clients to be booked in for a medical assessment according to their availability.